Get ready to SPREE!

Have you ever walked around the supermarket wishing you could fill your trolley with anything and everthing from the aisles and walk home with all of it for free?!

Supermarket spree is a game to accumulate the highest grocery bill through the supermarket within a limited amount of time.


How to join

Simply spend at least RM 50 at any chosen supermarkets.

After that, participant must scan the QR-code or go to and enter the following information to BESS’ Facebook Messenger.

1) Phone number
2) Picture of the entire receipt


10 lucky contestants would be chosen and verified by the submitted details.


If you’re the lucky few, here’s some tips for BESS Supermarket Spree!

– Set your calendar and alarm on the day of the spree (Do not forget!)
– Visit the supermarket, plan your route and add item to your wish-list!
– Warm-up and stretch before the spree start.
– Go through your list one more time.
– Set a timer for 1.5 minutes to remind yourself that you have 0.5 minutes left.


Time Event
6:45 AM Event Start
6:50 AM Emcee explain the details and the rules of the game.
7:00 AM Round 1 of the spree starts
7.25 AM Round 2 of the spree starts
8.15 AM Closing Ceremony
*Schedule may subject to change


1) Contestant must wear  proper sports attire. Contestant’s outfit must not be too revealing or contain inappropriate content.

2) The first round of the Spree would be consisting of 5 rounds, each round comprised of 2 contestants. In the first round of the Spree, contestants are given a list of items. Contestants have to collect all items in the given list within 1 minute to proceed to the second round. Contestants who failed to do so would receive nothing and be eliminated from the game.

3) The second round of the Spree would be consisting of 5 rounds, each round comprised of 2 contestants. In the span of 2 minutes, the contestants are allowed to take from any aisle that are not covered by a red line. However, contestants must stop the timer in before it hits zero.

4) Contestants would get everything in their cart for free if they are able stop the timer before it hits zero. If the contestant failed to do so, they receive nothing and would be elimated from the game.

5) The game would end before 9AM and the organzier shall reserve the rights to disqualify any contestants who broke the rules of the game.